Trillium Studios
Featuring The Artwork Of Mary Rose Sanderson
Mary Rose's working studio and gallery, The Trillium Studio, has long been known as a great place to visit in Elgin County, now it's a great place to visit on the web!


Linda Sanderson Gallery
Reverse Paintings on Glass. While describing Linda's work, the style of art called "na´ve" comes to mind. Na´ve art has a spontaneous quality that can be recognized at first sight and like most na´ve artists she is self-taught. Linda's paintings are fresh and genuine, a cheerful and confident affair of the heart



The Elgin County Railway Museum
Since 1856, the city of St. Thomas has been influential in railway operations due to its geographic location midway between Fort Erie and Windsor. Known as the "Railway Capital of Canada", in its heyday St. Thomas saw some 26 railway lines pass through, including the Wabash, Pere Marquette, New York Central and London and Port Stanley, just to mention a few.


The Elgin County Pioneer Museum
Established in 1957, the Elgin County Pioneer Museum is located on "The Hills" in the historic west end of St. Thomas. The 1848 historic home of early physician, Dr. Elijah E. Duncombe, the museum offers period pioneer and Victorian rooms, including an 1850's doctor's office, as well as permanent and changing display galleries. .

Elgin County Military Museum
The purpose of this museum is to collect, identify, and display mementos of Canada's and Elgin County's Military past. Most material is Canadian, but some is from other countries whose military history has been linked at some time to this country's. Many of the most treasured relics have been gifts from private persons.